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Share Certificates and Money Market Accounts

Share Certificates

With a share certificate, you may earn higher dividend rates on your savings by locking in a rate for a specific period of time*

Cornerstone offers a wide variety of share certificate account terms and tiers based on your individual needs.

Choose from:

  • 91-Day Certificate
  • 6-Month Certificate
  • 1-Year Share Certificate
  • 2-Year Share Certificate
  • 3-Year Share Certificate
  • 4-Year Share Certificate
  • 5-Year Share Certificate
    *Penalty fees apply for early withdrawal.

Choose how you want your dividends to be paid

You can open any share certificate account with a deposit of just $500. And the more you deposit, the higher your earnings will be. You can’t add to the certificate until it matures, but there is no limit to the number of share certificates you can open.

Dividends from your account are credited on a monthly basis, and Cornerstone gives you the option to either reinvest your dividends into the share certificate account or to receive your dividends in a monthly payment.

Money Market Account

You’ll earn higher dividends on your savings balances of $2500 or more to help you reach your financial goals more quickly.

With a Money Market Account you can:.

Make unlimited withdraws with no penalty

Earn higher dividend rates that with traditional savings accounts

Take advantage of direct deposit to make building your savings easy

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