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Savings Accounts

*The 9-month, 13-month and 15-month member certificate special, including the stated Annual Percentage Yield (APY*), are a limited time offer. Cornerstone Community FCU reserves the right to modify or cancel these offers at any time without notice. The 9-month month member certificate requires a $500 minimum balance, $15,000 maximum balance, limit of one per member and new/existing funds are eligible. The 13-month member certificate requires a $500 minimum balance and a minimum of 50% new money. New money is an increase in total balance on deposit after May 31, 2023. The 15-month member certificate requires a $500 minimum balance, $5,000 maximum balance, limit of one per member and new/existing funds are eligible. IRA and Business Certificates are excluded from both promotions. Once the promotional rate is applied to a purchased certificate, it will remain in effect for the length of the product term. Penalties apply for early withdrawals from certificates. Membership eligibility required. Other restrictions may apply.

Don’t Miss Out on our Certificate Special!

Take advantage of our limited time certificate special! We are offering 9-month, 13-month and 15-month certificates with a 5.25% APY*. Terms and conditions apply. Contact us at 716.434.2290 to learn more and get started today!

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Cornerstone can help you save for wherever life takes you.

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of being a credit union member, put money aside for medical expenses, or teach that first lesson about financial responsibility, Cornerstone has a savings account to help.

Your Share Savings account is the key to your Cornerstone membership and opens the door to all the member benefits you’re entitled to. By opening this account, you become a Cornerstone owner, as well as a member.

You can open your Share Savings account with as little as $5 and you’ll earn competitive, quarterly dividends on average daily balances of $50 or more. You will receive a quarterly statement to keep track of how your money is building. And, best of all, the account balances are federally insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund up to $250,000.

Savings Account

Each member of Cornerstone starts with a Savings Account. This is the key that unlocks all your Cornerstone Community FCU member benefits. Just a $5 deposit opens your account and establishes your membership.

A Cornerstone Savings Account:

  • Pays competitive dividends on balances of $50 or more
  • Gives you the option of Direct Deposit can help you reach your savings goals.

Extra Conveniences

  • Use your Visa Check card to make withdrawals surcharge free at any Cornerstone branch or at any Allpoint ATM location.
  • Telephone access to your account with CURTIS (Credit Union Remote Telephone Information System)
  • Computer access from your home or office with OASIS (Online Account Status and Information System)

Your Share Savings Account Comes with Perks Like:

  • VISA® Check Card
  • OASIS Online Banking
  • CURTIS Telephone Banking
  • Access to 55,000 AllPoint ATMs surcharge free
  • Cornerstone Mobile App
  • Electronic Statements

Also available to save toward special goals:

  • Holiday Savings Account
  • Vacation Savings Account

Money Market Accounts

You’ll earn higher dividends on your savings balances of $2500 or more to help you reach your financial goals more quickly.

With a Money Market Account You Can:

  • Make unlimited withdrawals with no penalty
  • Earn higher dividend rates than with traditional savings accounts
  • Take advantage of Direct Deposit to make building your savings easy

Share Certificate

With a Share Certificate, you may earn higher dividend rates on your savings by locking in a rate for a specific period of time.*

A Cornerstone Share Certificate:

  • Can be opened with a deposit of just $500
  • You can have your monthly dividends reinvested into your Share Certificate, credited to your Cornerstone Community FCU Share Account, or mailed to you directly each month
  • You can choose from a variety of account terms to meet any need

Certificate Terms*

  • 91 days
  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 3 years
  • 4 years
  • 5 years
*Penalty fees apply for early withdrawal
Kangaroo Kids Club Mascot

Children’s Savings Accounts

Hop into the Kangaroo Kids Club and make saving fun

We’ve designed a special program that makes saving extra fun and exciting for kids up to age 12 with special surprises and gifts to reward their efforts.

You can help your child open a Kangaroo Kids Club account with as little as $5. For each deposit, your child will receive a sticker as a reminder to “stick” to that good saving habit. And each month that your child saves $5 or more, we’ll reward your little saver with an extra gift.

We’ll also send a quarterly statement for the Kangaroo Kids Club account so you can show your child how to keep track of savings and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing that money grow. And we’ll even pay dividends on any Kangaroo Kids Club account with an average daily balance of $50 or more.

Club Accounts

A Holiday or Vacation Club Account helps you build dedicated savings for holiday shopping or a special vacation.

With a Cornerstone Club Account:

  • You can make regular, systematic deposits to ensure you have the money you need – when you need it
  • Competitive dividends are paid on balances of $50 or more
  • Convenient Direct Deposit makes building your savings extra easy

* Penalty fees apply for early withdrawal

Extra Conveniences

  • Telephone access to your account with CURTIS (Credit Union Remote Telephone Information System)
  • Computer access from your home or office with OASIS (Online Account Status and Information System)
  • Access to your accounts through Mobile Money, the Cornerstone mobile app. With Mobile Money you can check balances, transfer funds, make a deposit using Snap Deposit and find a surcharge free ATM.


Health Savings Accounts

Tax-free savings for medical expenses

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is an individual account designed for people with high-deductible health plans. An HSA lets you make federally tax-deductible contributions up to the maximum amount allowed. You can then accumulate earnings on a tax-deferred basis and withdraw the money tax-free as long as it’s being used for qualified medical expenses.

HSA account offerings:

  • Basic HSA Savings Account – Has the ability to earn interest while saving for future expenses.
  • HSA Checking Account – With an HSA debit card, you can access the funds electronically and receive a statement each month to help keep track of your account. You also have the ability to link your HSA checking to your HSA savings account.

HSA Benefits:

  • Protection – Your HSA account can protect you against high or unexpected medical expenses.
  • Affordability – High health insurance policy deductibles mean lower premiums.
  • Savings – Your ability to deduct your contributions and the tax deferral of account earnings enable you to build your account.*
  • Flexibility – You can contribute at any time during the year and your HSA balance rolls over from year to year.
  • Portability – You own the account, so it goes wherever you go, even if you change jobs or move to another state.
  • Control – The HSA account is yours, and you’re in complete charge of how much money you put into it (up to the maximum amount), which medical expenses to pay from the account, and whether you use the funds for current or future medical expenses.
  • Convenience – Access your funds electronically using your HSA debit card and link your HSA checking and saving accounts.

* This information is not intended to provide specific tax or investment advice. Please consult your tax or financial advisor regarding your individual situation.

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