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ClickSWITCH & Direct Deposit



We simplify the process of transferring your direct deposits to your Cornerstone account! ClickSWITCH helps you move automatic payments and direct deposits from one account to another in just a few clicks. With ClickSWITCH, you can:

  • Securely switch direct deposits and recurring payments.
  • Monitor the status of your requested switches.
  • Track and confirm when your account has been switched to Cornerstone.


How to get started:

  1.  Call us at 800-488-6481 or stop by a branch to obtain a SwitchTRACK code.
  2. Log into ClickSWITCH and set up your Username and Password.
  3. Gather information for your existing automated payments and direct deposits.
  4. Submit each switch and ClickSWITCH takes care of the rest!
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The Easy, Convenient and Fast Way to Manage Your Money

Even when you can’t get to a branch, your money can – when you elect to have your payroll, Social Security or other government checks directly deposited into your Cornerstone Community FCU savings, checking or Money Market account.

With direct deposit, you can simply use your ATM card, write a check, or make a withdrawal at the branch to access your money. Plus, you can use payroll deduction to set up automatic savings from every check to help you save for holiday gifts, family vacations, a big purchase or anything else you have planned.

Ask your employer how you can easily arrange to have your paycheck automatically deposited for you every payday.

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